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Mistress Dana has a hot ass and she knows it. She does not hide the fact that she has an ass to die for. She used it to control this guy and she made him want to have her but that was an ever elusive target for him. She was not going to let it happen. Instead, the mistress enjoyed making the guy admire her while she controlled him and his money.

Mistress Dana has a gorgeous ass and she used it to make money from this money slave. The mistress enjoyed having her ass pampered as well as licked by the financial slave before she sat back to have her feet get the same treatment that her ass had gotten. The mistress loved it even more at the end when she was done and the paypig had to pay for it all.

Mistress Dana felt that she had to punish her slave because he was too slow for her. She did not want to let him get away with it and she chose to use her jeans as well as her bare ass to torture him. He was not only in pain, but he was also humiliated by what the mistress did. Needless to say, he learned his lesson and he would stop being slow.