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With her hot ass, mistress Dana could do no wrong. She used the hot ass and her sex appeal to control this guy. He cleaned her house, he cooked for her, he licked her shoes, smelled her farts and did just about anything that she wanted him to do for her. He was under a spell and could not break free. That is how powerful her curvy hot ass was.

Mistress Dana flaunted her ass and she used her curvy and lovely ass to tease this pay slave. He loved what he saw and he even jerked off as she teased him. When he was done, he had to pay her for her trouble and this was because she did not do anything for free. She was also out of his league so he had to pay her for her time.

Mistress Dana has the kind of ass you have to see to believe. This guy loved it and he wanted a piece of it. But the mistress was not into him and she was not going to let him fuck her. Instead, the mistress wanted him to eat her ass and when he was done, he had to pay her. He did not know that until he had eaten her ass.

Mistress Dana loves making money from financially dominating her money slaves. She did so today and when she was done, she had some good money and she was so excited about it that she counted the money on camera. She also showed off her hot ass and her sexy boobs while at it. It was these same assets that had gotten her the money she was flaunting and was about to go and bank.