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Mistress Dana did not like how boisterous this guy was. She knew it was not a good way for him to live his life and for that, she had to change him. She did this by trying to dominate him and she did it in a cruel way. In a way he had never expected. The mistress facesat him and ruined his orgasm as she jerked him off to send a message that he was not all that he thought himself to be.

Mistress Dana wanted to celebrate her findom milestone by torturing this loser and making him pay for it at the end of it all. First of all, she had him bake her a cake and when he was done, she made him lick her dirty and smelly feet before she trampled him and made him a foot slave. The guy could not believe it and he tried to get her to stop but she did not.

Mistress Dana loves to help guys have fun. This guy wanted to nail her but she was way out of his league and she laughed at his desire. However, she helped him to jerk off as she gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum. And to make it even easier for him, the mistress showed him her big ass and her sexy tits. With her gorgeous body, he could not help but cum. She made him pay for the instructions.

Mistress Dana loves to make money and she loves to make it while she plays and has fun. Today she chose to use her hot and curvy ass as well as her nice tits to turn on this guy and gain control over him. The guy was turned on and he lost control over himself to her and after she had complete control over him, she used it to clean his wallet.

Mistress Dana wanted to teach this guy never to mess with her again and that is why she used her hot ass to dominate as well as crush him. The poor guy did not have a choice but to beg her to stop which she ignored a few times until he cried. His tears saved him because she stopped. She did not want to continue dominating him while he was down.