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Mistress Dana knew that this guy had a crush on her. He was so into her that he begged her to facesit on him. She agreed and she did it with her jeans. The mistress did not do it for long but that short time was enough to make him cum. She was shocked as he was super turned on by it and as he smelled her ass and pussy, he came.

Mistress Dana did not like how boisterous this guy was. She knew it was not a good way for him to live his life and for that, she had to change him. She did this by trying to dominate him and she did it in a cruel way. In a way he had never expected. The mistress facesat him and ruined his orgasm as she jerked him off to send a message that he was not all that he thought himself to be.

Mistress Dana had a lot of time on her hands and she needed something to do with it. That is why she went out of her way to tease this guy and have fun at his expense. She did not care how horny he got. All she wanted was to have fun and she managed to tease and deny him, which was a lot of fun for her. She told him to go and jerk off at home.

Mistress Dana is blessed with a great ass. She also has a nice bust and she is never afraid to show them off. She knows they are great assets for her and that is why she is always eager to show them off. Today as she teased this guy with her tits and ass, he was turned on and could not help but jerk off as she watched him do it.

Mistress Dana is a super sexy girl. She has the looks and the body which she uses to get favors and to make money. Today she met this loaded guy and she turned him into her human atm. The mistress enjoyed teasing him and making him spend on her without ever doing anything for him. He wanted sex from her but he never got it as she controlled him using a chastity device.

Mistress Dana wanted to celebrate her findom milestone by torturing this loser and making him pay for it at the end of it all. First of all, she had him bake her a cake and when he was done, she made him lick her dirty and smelly feet before she trampled him and made him a foot slave. The guy could not believe it and he tried to get her to stop but she did not.

Mistress Dana felt that she had to punish and torture her ex because he was not settling his dues as early as he needed to. The mistress had him lick and smell her ass as well as lick and smell her boots and bare feet. He could not believe it but he knew he had to pay her alimony in time if he wanted to avoid some of those issues.

Mistress Dana did not like how broke her money slave had gotten. She could not believe that he did not take her advice and he was now broke. She had to make him change course for his own sake and for hers too. So she used her high heel boots to threaten him. She also chewed a banana, spat it on the floor, crushed it with her high heels and made him lick the soles of her heels.