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Mistress Dana knew that this guy had a crush on her. He was so into her that he begged her to facesit on him. She agreed and she did it with her jeans. The mistress did not do it for long but that short time was enough to make him cum. She was shocked as he was super turned on by it and as he smelled her ass and pussy, he came.

With her hot ass, mistress Dana could do no wrong. She used the hot ass and her sex appeal to control this guy. He cleaned her house, he cooked for her, he licked her shoes, smelled her farts and did just about anything that she wanted him to do for her. He was under a spell and could not break free. That is how powerful her curvy hot ass was.

Mistress Dana is a super sexy girl. She has the looks and the body which she uses to get favors and to make money. Today she met this loaded guy and she turned him into her human atm. The mistress enjoyed teasing him and making him spend on her without ever doing anything for him. He wanted sex from her but he never got it as she controlled him using a chastity device.

Mistress Dana felt that she had to punish and torture her ex because he was not settling his dues as early as he needed to. The mistress had him lick and smell her ass as well as lick and smell her boots and bare feet. He could not believe it but he knew he had to pay her alimony in time if he wanted to avoid some of those issues.

Mistress Dana felt that this guy needed to be teased and denied. In short, she just wanted to humiliate him for her own fun. That is what she did by making him check out her hot ass as well as her hot tits. He loved what he saw but that was not enough for him. Instead of that, he was turned on and then left high and dry by the mistress.

Mistress Dana was out to make sure that her boyfriend had a naughty experience like he had been craving for. He had asked her to be naughtier and she agreed. She decided to use her big ass to do it and it was a lot of fun for her. He also loved how she did it and he was super turned on by what she did and they had crazy sex.