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Mistress Dana felt that she had to punish and torture her ex because he was not settling his dues as early as he needed to. The mistress had him lick and smell her ass as well as lick and smell her boots and bare feet. He could not believe it but he knew he had to pay her alimony in time if he wanted to avoid some of those issues.

Mistress Dana facesat this guy for misbehaving. She did it as punishment for what he had done but that was not all. She felt that he had to be punished some more and so she told him that he had to pay for the time and energy she had used to dominate and torture him. He was shocked and did not know what to do or how to respond to her.

Mistress Dana has a hot ass and she is not afraid of using it to achieve whatever she wants. She wanted to turn this guy on and use him and that is what she did. The mistress teased him and as he fell for her hot curvy ass, she had him kneel down and lick it as well as smell it. He was under her control and did whatever she asked.