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Mistress Dana did not like how boisterous this guy was. She knew it was not a good way for him to live his life and for that, she had to change him. She did this by trying to dominate him and she did it in a cruel way. In a way he had never expected. The mistress facesat him and ruined his orgasm as she jerked him off to send a message that he was not all that he thought himself to be.

Mistress Dana has a hot ass and she is not afraid of using it to achieve whatever she wants. She wanted to turn this guy on and use him and that is what she did. The mistress teased him and as he fell for her hot curvy ass, she had him kneel down and lick it as well as smell it. He was under her control and did whatever she asked.

Mistress Dana was out to make sure that her boyfriend had a naughty experience like he had been craving for. He had asked her to be naughtier and she agreed. She decided to use her big ass to do it and it was a lot of fun for her. He also loved how she did it and he was super turned on by what she did and they had crazy sex.