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Mistress Dana has a hot ass and she knows it. She does not hide the fact that she has an ass to die for. She used it to control this guy and she made him want to have her but that was an ever elusive target for him. She was not going to let it happen. Instead, the mistress enjoyed making the guy admire her while she controlled him and his money.

Mistress Dana is a super sexy girl. She has the looks and the body which she uses to get favors and to make money. Today she met this loaded guy and she turned him into her human atm. The mistress enjoyed teasing him and making him spend on her without ever doing anything for him. He wanted sex from her but he never got it as she controlled him using a chastity device.

Mistress Dana loves making money from financially dominating her money slaves. She did so today and when she was done, she had some good money and she was so excited about it that she counted the money on camera. She also showed off her hot ass and her sexy boobs while at it. It was these same assets that had gotten her the money she was flaunting and was about to go and bank.

When this guy begged mistress Dana to give him jerk off instructions because he knew that she would not lay him, he did not think much about it. She agreed and she even went a step further to show off her curvy ass and her nice boobs. He went ahead to have a great orgasm at her expense and when he was done, she made him pay for what she had done for him.

Mistress Dana loves to help guys have fun. This guy wanted to nail her but she was way out of his league and she laughed at his desire. However, she helped him to jerk off as she gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum. And to make it even easier for him, the mistress showed him her big ass and her sexy tits. With her gorgeous body, he could not help but cum. She made him pay for the instructions.

This guy was weak because he did not have control over himself and his desires. When this mistress realized that, she knew he was the kind of person she needed as she would turn him into a paypig in no time. That is why she opted to financially dominate him while teasing him with her hot and sexy body. All that time, she was doing naughty things for him to be hooked.