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Mistress Dana felt that she had to punish and torture her ex because he was not settling his dues as early as he needed to. The mistress had him lick and smell her ass as well as lick and smell her boots and bare feet. He could not believe it but he knew he had to pay her alimony in time if he wanted to avoid some of those issues.

Mistress Dana was fed up with the kind of excuses her money slave had and she did not want to continue letting him off the hook. He had grown lazy and he did not make enough money for both of them. So she had to come up with a way to motivate him and she did this by forcing him to lick her ass as well as smell her farts. He also had to lick her stinky socks.

Mistress Dana did not like how broke her money slave had gotten. She could not believe that he did not take her advice and he was now broke. She had to make him change course for his own sake and for hers too. So she used her high heel boots to threaten him. She also chewed a banana, spat it on the floor, crushed it with her high heels and made him lick the soles of her heels.

Mistress Dana loves to show off her hot ass and today she did it. But she was not doing it to make money or to dominate or even tease and deny. The mistress did this in order to appreciate her money slave as he had been cooperating with her the way she expected him to and she loved it. So she had to encourage him to continue so she gave him some jerk off instructions.

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